Scent composition data reveal new insights into perfume success.

Scents have always been a thing to show up your personality and attract people towards you. In early 1800’s it was a popular and most effective beauty kit for women. The days passed and it became popular among men too. Today, the days of kings and queens have gone but the days of perfume is still there. People more likely to come close to

people who have a nice smell. Women prefer it too.

On July 3, 2019, a research was made on perfumes by Vaiva Vasiliauskaite and Tim Evans from Imperial college of London, UK.The journal named as PLOS ONE was opened to be accessed by all. The findings by this result were quite astonishing to the whole world of perfume industry and many perfume making companies were surprised by the result. The mathematical data analysis was done on the popularity and customer ratings which were given by the customers online. The online data was taken into account and the popular and most rated perfumes were analysed on the basis of the ingredients they contained.

Basically, this analysis report showed that how the presence of a particular ingredient in a perfume makes them popular among customers even if they do not come from most popular and luxurious brands.

How perfume is made?

Each and every perfume contains a lot of ingredients for their particular fragrance. They contain many olfactory and oily which together combines to give a unique aroma. The smell of a perfume is often referred to as notes and the combination of different notes make an accord.

For example, vanilla is a note but when it is mixed with jasmine or any natural essence of floral it becomes an accord. Taking into account the smell of a perfume which is popular among consumers, the study was made of what ingredients they are made up of. It is because most of the perfumes are popular among people only because of its good smell and not because of the brand associated with that. Therefore, a complex network analysis was made which is only done as a mathematical analysis.

Therefore, 100o notes were taken from the 10000 perfumes available for online sales.

Findings of the Complex Network Analysis

The research started with having more focus on the customer ratings and the popularity of a perfume. The analysis report shows that the most popular notes and the generally used accords had no relation on it popularity. Though, the accords made up of jasmine and mint notes were highly rated but they were not present on most of the perfumes.
It also came out of the analysis that many popular fashion brands perfumes were successful ones but it had nothing to do with its cost and launch date or year.

Word from the Authors

“We analysed info on perfumes and their odour descriptors-notes-as an intricate system to obtain insights about how watch compositions, known as accords, influence achievement of scents. Accords that are inclined to be found in perfumes which get customer evaluations were got by us, as an instance, an accord composed of Lavender Geranium and Oakmoss. This work presents a framework that is a timely instrument for perfumers to research a multidimensional area of odour compositions.”


All of these output of the complex network analysis showed that if the perfume companies start to do this network analysis then they can even have more successful perfumes than they have now. As they can use the perfect notes and accords that are popular among consumer at that time. This must be done by every perfume making brand once a year to know the consumer behaviour towards particular note and accord.