Making Scents with Princess Cruises

One of the largest company by revenue, Princess Cruises is headquartered in Santa Clarita, California. The owner of Princes Cruises  is carnival Corporation & plc. The company was founded in 1965 and owns more than 17 ships.

Its ship Pacific Princess was used in a TV series The Love Boatand from this the company gained a lot of popularity. The company was founded by Stanley McDonald. The company has nothing to do with the perfume industry but recently it organised a perfume making session. It was hosted by Princess Cruises in many South Asian countries. It was said that this session was organised as a part of travel advisor’s programme by Princess cruises.

The sessions became a hit as the hand- made perfumes are very liked in South Asian countries. Many people took part in it and even learnt the ways of making hand-made perfumes. It changes the mood of every person out there and even worked as an energy enhancing way to its employees and travellers.

Farriek Tawfik words on The Hand Made scent sessions

According to the director of the Princess Cruises of South Asia, Farriek Tawfik, They organised these sessions for the travel advisors of the Princess cruise who used to work hard without any break and give their best to provide support to Princess cruise. He further said that everyone used to organize lunch or dinner party for their advisors but they wanted to do something unique which would provide them a little relaxation from their stressful jobs and can uplift their good moments. Since, Princes is now sailing for more than 380 destinations worldwide so they celebrated this moment too in this sessions. They also showed off their old and wonderful memories of cruising so far.

It is said that sixty-five percent of the memories of the Human are triggered by scents. Even a person can remember scent of a particular thing for more than a year and can even recognize it if they feel the same scent nearby.


Tawfik also said that on a cruise the scent plays an important part. The smell of ocean breeze, the wood wafting smell on a cruise and the scent of a spa can never be forgotten on a cruise. On the other hand, these scents trigger a lot of emotions inside us resulting in an awesome and memorable experience.

What was the challenge of the sessions?

This session was a pure fun. In this session, the participants were given full freedom to choose from herbs to tea leaves or even the florals and make a fragrance that would describe their personality. These unique fragrances prepared by them were sealed in a 20 ml bottle which was given to them to take it to their homes. The sessions were organised in such a way that the scents were tailor made according to the local country scents. In different countries, different notes were used. Such as in Singapore people used orchid floral whereas in Malaysia Hibiscs, the national flower of Malaysia was used. Apart from this, Teak was used in Indonesia.


These sessional created a friendly and non-formal environment for the fellow persons to enjoy and build their work relationship even more better and well bonded. After the session, a new planned route of journey was also given for the 2020-2021. The 2020-21 sessions for Asia, New Zealand and Europe were also discussed among the travel advisors.


The sessions used by Princess cruises is one of its kind but it is very useful for a company to do such activity among their employees so that they can get back to their homes with a memory and can remember these days even when they would not be a part of the cruise. According to me, it would have certainly created a good bonding between the advisors and from now on they would have a great and good bonded relationship with a lot of memories of each other.