The proper Cologne player in the market – Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon is a famous brand which is well known for supplying grooming products for men, the products are military-inspired and help keep the men fresh and clean for long even when the surrounding environment around them is not so hygienic. The brand is looking to add a new member to their existing grooming products family which can be a game-changer. The product will be Duke Cannon proper Cologne line.

Finding a cologne which best fits your choice and which is sufficient, clean, is a relatively tough task. For instance, you have found a fragrance that perfectly suits your personality, but then the world of cologne keeps changing so rapidly that it is quite difficult to stick to one choice of fragrance for long. Brands like Duke Cannon have made lives much easier by introducing a range of different scents so that you can easily choose a fragrance that you desire to use. They have noticed this ever-changing world of fragrances so well and after that have come up with a life-changing decision.

Cologne player in  market

The appearance of the Duke Cannon Cologne

The line of cologne offered by Duke Cannon offers an ultra-thin design that has got three different scent groups, all of which are inspired by nature and are suitable to match your mood changes as the season’s change. The three flavors available are woodsy, musk and aquatic.

The Eau de Parfum or another formula prepared by adding slight water to it, from the fragrance collection is packed in a bottle which is a TSA-friendly container and was specially designed to hold your everyday scent. Small fractions of the scent contain natural fragrance oils. The smell offered by the cologne line is quite subtle and is organic. The fragrance is of superior quality as compared to the other fragrances available since it is not infused with alcohol.

The scent produced is preferred by many people since it delivers something that people need. The fragrance available has three got three different qualities which are

  1. It works harder than any other similar product.
  2. Smells better than others.
  3. lasts longer, almost all day long.

Let us know in detail how the fragrance hit your nose.

Woodsy Prescott

Prescott was the first scent which was introduced by the Woodsy range of fragrances. The scent had hints of pineapple in it, with a somewhat citrus smell. After getting faded away it smelled somewhat similar to a perfect blend of sandalwood, oakmoss, and also had some essence of the vanilla-clove smelling tonka bean.


The fragrances present in the Duke Cannon Cologne line has some scents that feature aroma of raw cedar and amber. With these ingredients, the scent is given its Sawtooth fragrance. The smell is amazing made by mixing the richness found in the dense forests of North America. You will also get some hints of the freshness which is usually found in the air during a sweet summer breeze.

Aquatic Seneca

The Seneca fragrance contains a mixture of earthy, airy and clean smell that will give you a fragrance that will make you feel like you are walking through the woodland of wildflowers. The fragrance has got some hits of fresh notes of bergamot in the top, neroli will be found somewhere in the middle and essence of light cashmere woods at the last. This is a perfect choice for masculine fragrance during the summer season.


The scent has a spiffy summer fragrance with some hints of citrus grapes blended perfectly together with some mint, this fragrance complements the fresh air in your surroundings. It also helps to mask the surfaces that produce a stank smell due to the hot weather. The fragrance has hints of patchouli when it starts getting faded away and some essence of burning incense sticks. The fragrance is made keeping many things in mind and it turns out to be a complex mixture of powerful as well as subtle punch, sensual aura.

Musk Randolph

The scent has a rich blend of different fragrances of lavender, bergamot and leather. The mixture of different highlights that form the Duke Cannon proper Cologne Randolph Scent. The combination is a bit musky and is rich as well that effectively harmonizes even better than the Grateful Dead in 1976. The fragrance will captivate the room if you have applied it or can even be pleasing to the person sitting beside. This is one of the most masculine fragrances that can ever be found.


The fragrance is somewhat similar to musk heaven. It boasts an appealing combination of tough tonka bean, warm spices, sandalwood. The ingredients when blended produce a masculine fragrance that is irresistible by many. Fulton and Roark are believed to be inspired by the fragrances of flora and fauna of Hawaii. The fragrance it possesses creates an environment of a remote beach that is tucked away on a big island.

What is fragrance considered by some men?

The fragrance is referred to a leftover smell on their body after they have a shower with a scented soap or body wash. Men are sometimes not bothered about which “flavor” fragrance they are using this time, they just use it for the sake of doing so. Other guys don’t even step out without wearing a nice cologne of their choice that will last all day long. Generally, splash or spray perfumes have set standards in the market and they are preferred by most men. Solid fragrances are nowadays preferred by many and they are becoming the new no-muss, no-fuss option available.

The best smelling cologne line recently introduced by Duke Cannon was a great hit and people were all so excited to use amazing combinations according to their preferences. The new collection is also now online on its official website. Shop for the latest collection of fragrances like never before and dwell in some of the amazing ones available. They are available on the Duke Cannon website as well as on Target.…

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Is True Gent Cologne a Good Deal or a Rip off?

Men’s perfume is an essential component of grooming for men and one of the essentials in the vanity wardrobe for most men. Perfume is a scent that is designed by creating a composition of different ingredients from mostly natural raw materials. In the past perfume was just something women wore at smart parties but today perfume or cologne is not just extensively used by women but also men in today’s world. It makes men smell nice and even masculine and adds to the overall style for men. “True Gent” is popular cologne that has been introduced by AVON which is a famous cosmetic and Perfume Company which has branches all over the world.

true gent cologne

“True Gent” By Avon

True Gent Eau De Toilette is a popular perfume for men that are sold by AVON. This perfume for men is easily available online. This is an affordable perfume in comparison to other perfumes with similar scents. The True Gent perfume is available for the U.S $20 as the perfume Tobacco Vanille by the famous brand TOM FORD is available for the U.S $ 300 which is many times that price of the True Gent perfume.

The True Gent perfume by AVON is made using three main scents. The fragrance notes in this perfume include laurel leaf which is a bright, spicy and sweet note and tobacco which gives the perfume a sweet and smoky note. It also has a dry vanilla suede note which gives it an overall creamy scent and effect.

Is True Gent a Good Perfume?

This perfume is much cheaper than some of the other perfumes in this category with similar scents. The main question for most people buying this perfume is whether this perfume is worth it or whether it promises more than it delivers. Is there something wrong with the fragrance or does it match the other fragrances with similar ingredients? The following are some of the details about the perfume True Gent by Avon and whether it is worth it:

True Gent – The Positive Aspects of the Perfume

This is a good perfume that has basic men’s perfume fragrance notes of vanilla suede, tobacco and laurel leaf. The perfume has a perfect blend of raw materials making the scent gentle and quite effective. Though the scent is very effective it is not overpowering making it a good perfume for most occasions.

The perfume is a manly perfume though it does have a sweet vanilla scent to it which adds a new definition to the perfume with a hint of suede. With the sweet vanilla scent, it also contrasts that with a masculine tobacco scent which gives the perfume a tobacco pipe scent effect. The most positive aspect of this perfume is that it has hints of sweetness and smokiness without any scent being too overpowering.

How to Use This Fragrance

True Gent is best smelling affordable cologne that can be used for various different occasions. This cologne works well with both casual items of clothing as well as with a slightly formal outfit with a jacket or a suit. The perfume is available easily online on AVON online store. This is a perfume that does not need to be used in excess and only a small bit of fragrance at a time can last for a long time. This is a long-lasting perfume and it lasts for 4-6 hours unlikely other Perfume this scent is known to last throughout the day.

Negative Aspects of True Gent

This is a great perfume with not many negative aspects that can be called out for this perfume. The one negative aspect that some people have identified is that this is a perfume more suited for the fall and winter months because of its woody scent and smoky vibe. This means that this perfume might not be ideal for many people to use throughout the year, especially in the summer months. This scent can be used in June, July, and August during the summer months, but citrus scents that are fresher are preferred during this season.

Overall the Review – True Gent by AVON is a great choice for men who are looking for a smoky and masculine fragrance that is sweet and comforting at the same time. This is a great men’s perfume available at a good price and the overall review of this perfume is extremely positive.…

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Scent composition data reveal new insights into perfume success.

Scents have always been a thing to show up your personality and attract people towards you. In early 1800’s it was a popular and most effective beauty kit for women. The days passed and it became popular among men too. Today, the days of kings and queens have gone but the days of perfume is still there. People more likely to come close to

people who have a nice smell. Women prefer it too.

On July 3, 2019, a research was made on perfumes by Vaiva Vasiliauskaite and Tim Evans from Imperial college of London, UK.The journal named as PLOS ONE was opened to be accessed by all. The findings by this result were quite astonishing to the whole world of perfume industry and many perfume making companies were surprised by the result. The mathematical data analysis was done on the popularity and customer ratings which were given by the customers online. The online data was taken into account and the popular and most rated perfumes were analysed on the basis of the ingredients they contained.

Basically, this analysis report showed that how the presence of a particular ingredient in a perfume makes them popular among customers even if they do not come from most popular and luxurious brands.

How perfume is made?

Each and every perfume contains a lot of ingredients for their particular fragrance. They contain many olfactory and oily which together combines to give a unique aroma. The smell of a perfume is often referred to as notes and the combination of different notes make an accord.

For example, vanilla is a note but when it is mixed with jasmine or any natural essence of floral it becomes an accord. Taking into account the smell of a perfume which is popular among consumers, the study was made of what ingredients they are made up of. It is because most of the perfumes are popular among people only because of its good smell and not because of the brand associated with that. Therefore, a complex network analysis was made which is only done as a mathematical analysis.

Therefore, 100o notes were taken from the 10000 perfumes available for online sales.

Findings of the Complex Network Analysis

The research started with having more focus on the customer ratings and the popularity of a perfume. The analysis report shows that the most popular notes and the generally used accords had no relation on it popularity. Though, the accords made up of jasmine and mint notes were highly rated but they were not present on most of the perfumes.
It also came out of the analysis that many popular fashion brands perfumes were successful ones but it had nothing to do with its cost and launch date or year.

Word from the Authors

“We analysed info on perfumes and their odour descriptors-notes-as an intricate system to obtain insights about how watch compositions, known as accords, influence achievement of scents. Accords that are inclined to be found in perfumes which get customer evaluations were got by us, as an instance, an accord composed of Lavender Geranium and Oakmoss. This work presents a framework that is a timely instrument for perfumers to research a multidimensional area of odour compositions.”


All of these output of the complex network analysis showed that if the perfume companies start to do this network analysis then they can even have more successful perfumes than they have now. As they can use the perfect notes and accords that are popular among consumer at that time. This must be done by every perfume making brand once a year to know the consumer behaviour towards particular note and accord.…

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