The 6 Strange-Sounding Places You Should *Really* Be Applying Your Perfume

Whether you got a scent from a luxurious brand like à la Marilyn Monroe or from a general one, you apply it all over your body to make yourself smell good all day long. Most of us even carry perfume bottle with us to apply during the mid-day time just to smell good in front of our boss or clients.

Perfumes has a long relationship with women. Women have been using it from decades. Therefore, we discussed it with many experts and people from fashion industry and here are our findings. We have pointed out 6 places where you just have to apply perfume once to remain fresh all day long.

6 places to apply perfume on your body

If you want to smell good, all day long and don’t want to carry your perfume bottle with you always then go through all the 6 strange places where you must apply your perfume.

1) Apply on Hair

It must be sounding a little awkward but believe me it’s the secret that fashion industry people don’t say it. But when you have to apply it on hair you have to be a little cautious. Since, alcohol dries very quickly, therefore, you just don’t have to apply it like you apply oil or serum on your hair. It has to be done with the brush so that it gets spread all over your hair. So, sprintz perfume on your hair brush and then comb your hair to keep your hair smell good all day long.

2) Apply behind the Ears

Just like people apply perfume on their wrist specially women in the same manner applying behind your ears are also considered as the best place to apply scents. This is because the area behind your ears is very impulsive and does have veins too. When sweat comes out there it amplifies the smell of the perfume. Thereby, increasing the good smell surrounding you.
Most women apply perfumes on their neck but if you are wearing jewellery then you must not apply there. As it may cause to lose the lustre of the jewellery.

3) Apply down your back

This is the place which all women would not be aware of. It also sounds a little bit awkward but according to Chandler Burr, popular fragrance expert, it is the best place as your strong perfume will not be overbearing for the people around you. On the other hand, your fragrance will remain for all day long.
For applying you just have pull your clothes up and spray on the down part of your back and cover it with your cloth. If you use a light fragrance, then you should apply twice but in case of vice versa apply a single time. Applying here, makes everyone feel like it’s your body scent and not an applied one. People would like to come closer to you.

4) Apply Inside elbows

This place is just an alternative to your wrists. But perfume fragrance applied here remains for a longer duration of time. Before spraying perfume to your elbows be sure to moisturize your full hands.

5) Apply behind your knees

All of us know the rule of science that when heat rises and evaporation occurs, hot air moves upwards and cold air comes down. So, behind your knees would be the best place to apply perfume which keeps on evaporating whole day in summer. So, it sounds better to apply behind your knees. There is one more reason behind this. The area behind your knees are also the same as your elbows back side and acts as pulse points. Therefore, it becomes more logical part of your lower body where you can apply scent.

6) Apply on your Belly Button

Belly Button is not just meant for piercing. You can use it for many more things. This also acts as a pulse points and radiates a lot of heat. So, just put a single drop of scent in your belly button and you would see the magic for whole day.

It is good to apply especially when you wear a crop top or your favourite bikini. Going on a ride with your friend or going for a date, never miss this spot.…

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