5 Best Scents from 80’s

There were a lot of things that were overboard in 80’s and scents were one of them. In the year of 1987, the whole of high schools’boys used to go for Polo and drakker but at the same time the sweet fragrance of these legendary perfumes were always there.

I was not an exception and my signature perfume can be smelt from a long distance.
Today, I have brought to you the 5 best perfumes from 80’s whose packing and fragrance, both were amazing.

Liz Claiborne – My personal Favorite

Liz Claiborne, no one can forget this. It used to come in a triangle bottle in different colours. Choose either yellow, blue or red the quality or the fragrance remained the same for all. This perfume was introduced in the year 1986 and it was some of the bottles that every girl/women wanted to have for them. It smelled so fresh and clean that I used to feel like a women going to office. So fresh and so refreshing fragrance. I would love to have one now too if I can get it!!

Colors by Benetton – Even Wrote on My Diary

This perfume from Benetton was introduced in 1987 and was available on all the big shops in large stocks. The shopkeepers used to display it to attract customers too. The smell was very energetic and the notes if I am not wrong were marigold, vanilla, and orange blossoms. All of these fragrances were used to keep us fresh whole day long. I even remember the day when I got this bottle of Benetton in my Christmas present. I was so excited that I even wrote about this in my diary.

Camp Beverly Hills

If you are camping in a Panama Beach, then it was the perfume that you would certainly want to get to smell similar as California. I badly wanted this perfume. One of the reason behind this was that with every camp Beverly Hills bottle one pink colored jacket was given to the customers as a free gift. The jacket was so good and has a brand logo on the back that it felt like being a girl from the same gang of Beverly Hills. I had to be in queue for 2 hours to buy this perfume.

Once I applied it, I used to smell like bergamot, orange blossom and ylang-ylang. So this was secret to smell like California even without going there.


This perfume may not be looking as the one having serious note but it was for the older generation. Certainly, not for me. But I got this as a gift from by boyfriend. The strong woodsy smell was not a good idea for me. It contained carnation, nutmeg and patchouli notes joined together to form an accord which was drowning for anyone. But, let me tell you that it may had a strong fragrance but it was a perfect to apply for your first date and on your honeymoon nights.


Do you know who made this perfume? Calvin klein!! This signature perfume was introduced in the year 1985 and I can say it without any second thought that this was the mother of all the perfumes of 1980’s. I can never forget that musky, spicy, sandalwood smell that used to make my day. The color of the bottle also looked very cool and stylish those days. Just check out the TV commercial of this, which showed white and black men playing chess and the tagline of the perfume “OH THE SMELL OF IT.”

Wrapping it up

It is just a week earlier and while I was walking on my free time around the streets and I suddenly saw the store of the “Liz Claiborne”. For me, it was like I found God. I just ran to the store and found out my favourite one and took it. For me, it was like just going back to my high school days.
I was just hoping that if I could find a store of “Fendi” now and can smell same as I was on my first date.